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Our company is engaged in the cultivation and processing of garlic for more than 7 years. During this time, supplying our partner with quality landing material and providing them with support for garlic cultivation products, we have got a total experience of garlic cultivation in different regions of Ukraine, on different grounds and with different organizational approach of farm management.

This experience has allowed us to organize a cooperative movement and a cooperative principle of collaboration with our partner-farms. We have joint garlic cultivation projects, as well as financial and investment programs. Projects for the common storage and processing of garlic.


Using a systematic and integrated approach to the cultivation, processing of garlic and the production of seed material, we actively cooperate with agrarian universities and food industry universities, certified laboratories in Ukraine, experienced scientists. In order to improve the quality of management processes and the philosophy of management, there is continuous cooperation with the Kyiv- Mohyla Business School and the Adizesa Institute in Ukraine.

For our farms, we hold Field Days, Business Tours, professional skill improvement and Agronomist Experience exchange, Excursions and Workshops for Students.

We have organized a school of agronomists, where we teach modern methods of intensive and organic cultivation of garlic using the equipment of world industry leaders and our own.

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