Shelled garlic
Чищений часник
Shelled garlic received from fresh garlic of Ukrainian selection sorts. It has an acrid taste and is ready for use. There are different packaging options depending on your technological need
Garlic paste

Garlic paste - garlic product ready to use. Placed in containers of various sizes and shapes. Concentration of salt from 6% to 10%.
Spring garlic
Spring garlic with the diameter of 40 mm and more. Properly prepared for pickles.
Garlic for sale
Garlic for sale in garlic bulbs of different factions. Calibrated, has undergone pre-sale treatment.
Dry garlic
Dried garlic - a real quality dry garlic, without foreign impurities made from Ukrainian selection sorts.
Due to this, has the spicy, intense taste typical for fresh garlic. No foreign flavours and impurities. Corresponds to GOST (State standard) 19729-71, humidity up to 8%. Produced in the form of petals and granules of various factions.


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