The bulbil of garlic
The bulbil of garlic goes through the following stages of pre-sale preparation: the sowing of properly prepared planting materials, controlling on the field and continuous monitoring of the presence of pests and diseases, analysis of the viruses presence, rogueing, testing and seed maturing. After that, the seeds are cleaned and calibrated with machines (such as Almaz and Petkus), which provide high energy of seed germination and similarity.

After that, the seeds are cleaned and calibrated according to its diameter on machines such as Petkus and on a specific weight on aerodynamic machines such as SAD, which provide high energy of seed germination and similarity.

The seeds are divided into fractions by their specific weight and size. Seeds are cleaned from heavy and light impurities. Separation occurs in the air stream without injuring the seeds. The material is divided into different factions, according to their varietal peculiarities.

Single clove garlic
Single clove garlic - seed material obtained from an air bulb. For pre- sale preparation, the sowing material is calibrated on the sorting-calibration line, followed by the delivery of seeds to the inspection table. Single glove garlic is calibrated into several fractions: 3-5 grams, 5-7 grams, 7-10 grams and more than 10 grams.
Garlic bulb
Garlic bulb is a quality sowing material, a collection of different sorts of Ukrainian selection. Different terms of maturation, winter sorts, shooting and non-shooting. Bulbs of high density, weighing 60-80 g. The number of cloves in the bulb is 4-7 pcs., it has an acrid taste. Grown from an aerial bulb without a non- deplantation method in a biennial cycle or a deplantation method in a one-year cycle.

Garlic bulbs are calibrated by fractions depending on their sort characteristics. As a rule, most winter sorts are calibrated for the following fractions: 35-45 mm; 45-55 mm; 55 mm and up.

Advantages of sorts: high winter and frost resistance, yield and marketability, long shelf life.

Garlic clove
Garlic clove - a planting clove received from bulb by the biannual cycle with a deplantation or non- deplantation method. At the inspection table, small cloves are manually picked out, which have damages. The cloves calibration is held depending on sort features. Winter sort are mainly calibrated for such fractions as:
  • small - 3-5 grams;
  • middle - 5-7 grams;
  • big - 8 grams and up.

Calibration provides simultaneous appearance of sprouts and maturation, homogeneity of finished products.

Before planting, phytosanitary treatment of seeds is carried out with preparations that have fungicidal and insecticidal effects, as well as micro- and macro fertilizers.


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